To place an order on our website, please follow the following steps:

  1. With options as vast as the ocean, you will first have to pick what you love.
  2. Once you’ve made a choice, add the item to your cart click on the “add to cart” button, or if you like to buy the item directly click on the “buy now button” to skip the cart page and go to check out page(step ‘6’).
  3. After you’re done selecting our products, click on the cart icon.
  4. This will lead to a list of the selected products, where you can have a second look.
  5. Once you’ve confirmed what to order, click on “check out”.
  6. You can place your order by logging into your account or by signing in as a guest.
  7. Confirm your shipping address, select the payment method, place the order, and sit back and relax.